Danny Murphy is a comedian, writer and pop culture connoisseur who's spends every waking moment either reading about pop culture or talking about it (just ask any brunch table he's every sat at). 


He currently hosts and produces a weekly segment on SiriusXM's Bennington show called Dish! With Kashmere where he take the craziest stories of the week and unpacks them with the show hosts. On top of that, he also write a weekly pop-culture rundown column called Did You Hear? With Kashmere! for them that you can read here


On top of that, he is a regular contributor for Betches — writing opinion pieces about pop culture and politics while also being a co-host on one of their popular podcasts, Not Another True Crime Podcast. Before getting involved with them, he produced a talk show for Hearst Digital Media, Shot Topics, and was a culture writer for various Hearst brands, writing about Housewives and beyond here


The TL;DR? He's a passionate and very overly caffeinated talker and writer who has his pulse on every story that comes from the tippy A-list to the delightfully  insane D-list. No one is too famous or too irrelevant for him to fall down a Google hole at 2AM. 

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